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Tea Time!

I have so many little things going on in my studio that I cannot see straight.  Most of the things i am working on are still in top secret mode, so Instead of sharing what i’m working on, I’ll share some things that have been inspiring me as of late.  I am super spongy and easily inspired, so here are a few things that I have been googling over. Let me know what you think.  I am trying to write blog posts more often, do you like to see my inspiration posts?  I’ll do them more if you like them!

il_570xN.328434305birdcage2Succulents:  I’m super in love with succulents.  Living in Minnesota means that I like to keep plants that I can bring indoors in the winter.  These plants are very hardy and even though they are kind of like cacti, some varieties can  survive our hellish winter season when left outdoors.  They can also come in for the winter, which is nice if you are a house plant addict like myself.  Succulents are nice and juicy looking and they come in lots of different colors.  The other cool thing about succulents is that the reproduce pretty quick and before you know it, you have a big plant instead of a little clumping. These ones in the photograph are right here on etsy.  Also you can do a lot of really fun things with succulents, they can grow vertically on a wall or you can put them in a birdcage like the image above.  They don’t require much water and they are very easy to keep alive.  I’ll be planting some next week.  (Sorry I don’t know where the birdcage image is from, let me know if you know and i’ll credit the image!)  Watch out for succulents in my upcoming paintings!

Pink Vanilla Pocky Cake1

Adorable pocky cake: mouth watering eye candy for the gullet.  Have I posted this cake before?  It is so freeking cute I could just barf.  Someday I would like my front yard picket fenced with pocky sticks… that would be ideal…

Steiff Felt Swan circa 1900

This Antique felt child’s toy is making me extra happy as of late.  Those of you who know me know that i’m a sucker for creepy old toys… This one is perfect because it looks like if you whacked it on the side a bunch of ancient children’s dandruff would puff into the air, maybe sending you into some sort of fit of nostalgic asthma.


Post Mortem Photography really fascinates me.   Like… A lot.  There’s tons of it online if you want to see/learn more.  The woman on the left is dead.  So creepy and Awesome!  I’d post more… but i’ll let you explore that one on your own…   Do it. 


Oh… and if that was too dark for you, here’s Elle Fanning photographed by Will Cotton

I’ll be back soon with more art pictures and maybe a sneak peek of a few pieces for my upcoming solo show.

OOOh, and just in case we haven’t found each other yet, I’m on instagram and Vine now… (my handle is Rudy Fig)

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