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Decals, Dolls and Jewels, Oh my…

Exciting news everyone!  The nail decals I’ve been hinting about are finally ready and available.  They  turned out super cute.   I have a limited number of them so if you want them, snag ’em up!  You can find them right here in my etsy shop.  They are loaded with kawaii cuteness, kittens, bunnies, cupcakes, pills, hot air balloons and smiling bones.  Each sheet has 80 tiny decals so you can share with your friends!  🙂




I also finally have these cute necklaces available.  Each one features a tiny print from one of my paintings under a tiny glass bubble.  They also have little key charms that match.   It was hard to get a crisp photo with the reflection in the bubble glass!  There are only a few necklaces left!  I’ve also added some special kokeshi dolls to my shop, there are only two!


Stay tuned for more exciting news, I have lots of things to share, including some sneak peeks of the new work for my Solo show in August at the Auguste Clown Gallery in Australia.


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