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Coco Valentina custom Blythe

Coco Valentina is finally finished and now up on Ebay!  See the listing here!


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Raspberry Renegade

Just finished up a new custom Blythe Doll.  She is called Raspberry Renegade.  Read more about her here!

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Sprinkles has airbrushed, glittery lids.

I just finished “Sprinkles” She is a custom Blythe Doll.  She is currently available and looking for her new home.  You can find her here.

She is a party girl with pink and black hair who loves to celebrate and she is wearing an awesome carousel dress that is embellished with vintage jewelry pieces.   I am selling her for slightly less than I usually sell my dolls for because Mr. Beaks (my dog) needs a bunch of blood tests and meds.

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Projects in three dimensions

Here is a small sampling / sneak peek of  some of the things that are going on here right now.   With all the paintings and deadlines I need to keep, sometimes it’s really nice to work on something with my hands… some thing with three dimensions.  It’s a nice break away from the paintbrush when the creative block sets in.   I seriously have stacks of these kinds of projects waiting to be finished… stacks.   Stay tuned to see them finished and in technicolor…

Almost done painting this kitschy thing…

I can’t say too much about this girl yet, but she IS going to be very colorful…  carousel candy princess kind of thing… her lips are only half carved in this shot.


Grossly excited about these big kitties… Pee my pants kind of excited… not really… but close…

Thanks for peeking.


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Pink Cupcake Girl

Just finished up this pink cupcake Blythe doll for a commission.  She is all pink and her fawn pal is a vintage ceramic repaint, also in the fashion of pink cupcakes….

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