More Live Painting.

I know, I haven’t updated in a while!  It’s been very crazy around here.   I do have some photos to share from a live paint I did a few weekends ago at the Skyway theater in downtown Minneapolis.  Twas fun on a bun.  I like doing live paints because you get giant free canvas, free drinks and you get to meet fun people!    (I didn’t take these photos, they popped up on facebook from CEMphoto and Taylor Byykkonen, If i forgot to credit anyone for photos let me know!!)

I had asked what people wanted to see and they said “Mermaid” and “waffles” … so I went with mermaids.   It took me about 4 hours to cover the whole canvas because  I kept getting distracted by chocolate covered bacon and strawberries…  because i’m a heathen. 

75999_573309759346590_602440493_nIn Minneapolis and looking for Live Painting??  *Coughcough*  

48127_519918021392966_1996523763_nOh right I should mention the event was a Rave Masquerade…

Anywho, that’s that.  I’ll post again soon!

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