The Monday Juicies 8.20.2012

I thought i’d share some cool things I stumble across in weekly editions of the Monday Juicies.  So here are some Juicies for your reading pleasure.

Ivory Jar

Check out this grungy, yet whimsical collection from Ivory Jar.    I don’t think I would have noticed it if it weren’t for the magical gold eyebrows.  I usually keep my eyebrows green, but gold sure sounds magical.  I snagged this “Tooth Collar” because i’m weird like that.  It’s a pretty affordable line and it reminds me of dirty  unicorns and mud gardens.

Here’s a lovely little post from Jenny Holiday about the upcoming Sweet Hot Mess show that i’m curating at the Cult Status Gallery.   Yes!  She will have some of her work there!  More about that soon!

Gala Darling writes about how to smell like a cake.  Personally, i’m a fan of Tokyo Milks “Let Them Eat Cake.”  Also, did you know Marie Antoinette never said that phrase which is often attributed to her.

So, Bona Drag released an awesomely witchy  “Ceremonial Collection.”  I really like it because it is loaded with all sorts of mysterious, magical bits.  Kind of obsessed with their heirloom ring… not that i’m getting married any time soon… well, I guess I might be married by common law, not sure in MN does that…

Not sure why it took me so long to know about it, but High Fructose Magazine has a tumblr.  Enjoy some eye candy.

I happened upon this recipe for home made marshmallows.  No more trying to squeeze round marshmallows in your smores.   You can make them cute and flat.   I definitely want to try this for Vincent’s birthday party.

And lastly, a silly symphony for your viewing pleasure:

Let me know if you want me to make the Monday Juicies a regular thing.   I have lots of strange things to share.  Also, stay tuned for my faux cupcake tutorial.

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